Musings Of A Spiritual Atheist
Dying Off

Occasionally, in Letters to the Editor of local newspapers, someone will write a letter making the point that homosexuality is obviously not nature’s way because two homosexuals can not have children. These letters are usually quite snide and sarcastic, often saying that homosexuality will naturally die off because their genes cannot be passed on as they will never have children. Personally, I find letters like this hilarious, based as they are on scientific and social ignorance, misconception and prejudice.

Who said that the only purpose of marriage was to have children? Who said that the only purpose of sexual activity was to conceive a child? Why is it presumed that homosexual men can not impregnate a woman? Why is it presumed that lesbians are unable to conceive and give birth to a child? Do writers of letters like that not know about artificial insemination, about in vitro fertilisation, about surrogate parenting? Do they live on another planet?

Many homosexual men have been married to women because of the pressures brought on them by society. Many young men reject all homosexual feelings as teenagers because of peer pressure, becoming “Jocks” to prove their masculinity, even marrying and having children. Later in life they may accept their sexual orientation and become overtly homosexual. Any children they may have had will still exist, will they not? The same can take place with lesbian women. In point of fact, for many centuries lesbian women have been compelled to participate in arranged marriages and bear children. To denigrate their lives by making such comments about their ability to have children displays the most incredibly contemptuous and contemptible ignorance.

It should also be acknowledged that, as distasteful as homosexual men may find it, they can force themselves to have heterosexual intercourse, perhaps with a lesbian, perhaps not, specifically for the purpose of impregnating her and having a child. If they can not force themselves to do that, then fertility clinics would be quite prepared to assist by artificially inserting the sperm from the man into the woman's uterus. I am sure that there are other ways, too.

Many of those characterised as homosexual are actually bisexual, that is, they enjoy sexual relations with both men and women, sometimes one more than the other sometimes equally. People like that are quite capable of impregnating or being impregnated through the usual process of heterosexual intercourse along with, I presume, a great deal of pleasure.

Finally, the belief that homosexuality will eventually die off because the genes of homosexuals do not get passed on is patently ridiculous. For thousands of years human societies have attacked homosexuals, killing many of them when identified. Homosexual men lived in fear for centuries and hid in monasteries and other places where their failure to marry would be overlooked. Yet, despite a dearth of children fathered by homosexuals, we still have about the same proportion of homosexuals in the population as there has always been. If their genes did not get passed on, where did the new homosexuals come from? Not from homosexual men, obviously. Equally obviously it must have been from heterosexual men and women. Since Jesus said that homosexuals were born, expression of whatever genes control it must obviously be as a normal variant of human reproduction.

The facts are these. Observation show that heterosexual couples have homosexual offspring from time to time and that a homosexual parent has heterosexual offspring most of the time. From that observation, the only valid conclusion is that whatever genes control the expression of homosexuality are likely recessive. Not enough is known about the subject to make any observation more specific than that.

Perhaps it should also be asked why anybody would think that someone else’s sexual preference is any of their business. Why spend so much time mentally visualising the sexual activity between two people of the same sex? Does it interest them? Does it turn them on? Do they want to try it? Is sex better if they fantasise about it? Are they latent homosexuals and lesbians? Personally, I think it is just bigoted, religious interference in the life of other people by control freaks who think their life style is the only way that should be allowed.

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